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Career Opportunities

At Strive Solutions, we constantly search for skilled, dynamic, and ambitious individuals with a passion for marketing. An ideal candidate would be inspired to learn and grow into a more successful person. We value inclusion. We are a positive and open-minded firm. If that seems like the sort of space you’d like to work in, we’d love to hear from you.

Here are some of the benefits of working with us:


As a new associate, you will be part of a work setting that will improve your abilities by providing coaching that helps you with everything you need to thrive in the industry. You will be trained by the best in the industry. Our qualified leaders and managers will share their industry, professional and functional expertise with you. Under their guidance, be assured of getting helpful insights into what is necessary to improve your performance and grow in your career.

Management Training

We also give management training about enhancing an individual’s skills as a leader and manager. Our attention to high-quality training opportunities allows our associates to receive personal guidance and professional development. Whether e-courses or new manager training programs, our team’s education and development have always been our priority. Once your sales skills excel, we will train you in sales and business management. This learning program allows you to evolve from an Entry-Level Client Representative position and to a Client Manager role: this transition will help you gain an immense level of experience.

Team Development

At Strive Solutions, Our team comprises self-sufficient people, but everyone is a real team player. We feel it’s good to have other people around, whether putting several heads together to build the next fantastic idea or working late on Friday to meet that deadline. Our teammates tend to stick up for each other, cover through periods, and help out in busy times. They help you if you make mistakes, and they push you to meet your goals. They provide a practical, reassuring hand on the shoulder, which is vital in the workplace.

Business Development

At Strive Solutions, we understand the relevance of forming connections with industry experts, business leaders and other influencers. Therefore we urge our team members to engage in networking events and improve their business management skills. Everyone who participates in community functions and conferences gets a chance to develop their network and gain wisdom from experts. These relationships bolster self-esteem and expertise, paving the road to success.

Travel Perks

We support our associates’ role in our success, and we reward these tireless efforts with numerous opportunities to travel worldwide. Based on your performance and success, we will reward you with these travel opportunities with all expenses taken care of by us. The travel opportunities include traveling to exotic retreats, community gatherings, and on-the-road training. It is our way of thanking our associates’ work, and people who love traveling are overwhelmed by this aspect of our culture.

Current Openings

Client Representative

As a Client Representative at Strive Solutions, you will have to keep the customer – and the team -happy. Your role will include qualifying and disqualifying future clients and creating personal relationships. Apart from this, you have to understand and keep up with market trends. Your primary role is to ensure that client requirements are understood and fulfilled. Your other duties will be promoting and managing client relationships, collecting information, and assuring that services meet clients’ unique needs.

To apply for a Client Representative position, send it in your resumé to

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